Jewish Israeli charged with incitement to terrorism, racism for call to exterminate Muslims

Jeremy Sharon is The Times of Israel’s legal affairs and settlements reporter

The State Attorney’s Office files an indictment against a Jewish citizen for incitement to terrorism, violence, and racism, for posting incendiary messages on social media against Palestinians and Muslims, including calling for the “extermination” of all Muslims on the planet.

The indictment against Noam Dayan, a 34-year old resident of Zichron Ya’akov, is the third indictment against a Jewish citizen for such crimes since the October 7 atrocities perpetrated by Hamas.

In one post on Telegram, Dayan wrote, “The time has come to slaughter Gazan babies in the cradle.”

In other Telegram posts, he wrote, “After this they tell me we don’t need to rape Palestinian women”; “I personally would enjoy smashing the skulls of Arab babies”; “Palestinian girls need to be raped”; and “We need to create extermination camps for Palestinians.”

In other posts he wrote, “What’s important is to kill every Muslim and Arab on the planet,” and “Muslims need to be exterminated, period. Until the last one. Muslims are not humans, they are not even cockroaches, they are air, dust, nothing. Exterminate the plague, now.”

The State Attorney’s Office requests that Dayan be imprisoned until the end of legal proceedings against him.

Dozens of indictments have been filed against Arab Israeli citizens for incitement and identifying with terrorist groups since October 7, with the State Attorney’s Office requesting that many of them remain in prison until legal proceedings are concluded.

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