Kushner says isolation of Israel, anti-Semitism held world back for too long

Jared Kushner tells Netanyahu: “Scapegoating, anti-Semitism, and isolating Israel have led to destructive behavior that has held the world back for far too long.”

“You’ve shown that Israel is willing to compromise for true peace, just not her security,” says Kushner. “I urge the world as it goes forward to take the time to understand Israel’s perspective and to ask yourself if you would make the compromises Israel has been asked to make if you were in the prime minister’s shoes.”

Netanyahu says the normalization deals will improve ties between Jewish and Arab Israelis.

“This peace between Jews and Arabs outside of Israel is creating a new positive dynamic between Jews and Arabs in Israel. It says that the old enmities can be put aside and we can have peace and life and hope and prosperity,” he says.

with Jacob Magid