Matisyahu tackles Oct. 7, antisemitism in new music video shot at scenes of attack

American Jewish reggae musician and rapper Matisyahu has released a new single on the October 7 attacks and the rise of antisemitism, with a clip shot in Israel in the aftermath of the attacks.

“I’m proud to share the official music video for my new song ‘Ascent’ — the video was shot in Israel in the aftermath of the October 7th attacks at the site of the Nova Music Festival, and various Kibbutzim that were massacred on that horrific day,” he writes on X.

“Help me stand up to anti-semitism and share this video far and wide to show the world that we the Jewish people stand proud and that our light will not be put out.”

Lyrics include “I sense my fame under attack, we used to getting shot in the back,” and “No one to blame but the Jew, are you insane, this is not new.”


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