NY race winner Suozzi heckled by pro-Palestinian protesters, loser Pilip heckled by Trump

Democrat Tom Suozzi, celebrating his defeat of Israeli-raised Republican candidate Mazi Pilip in a special election for New York’s 3rd Congressional district, is interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters criticizing his support for Israel during a victory speech.

Hecklers, including one man who mounts the stage next to Suozzi and waves a Palestinian flag, call for a ceasefire and accuse the congressman-elect of “supporting genocide,” before being drowned out by supporters chanting his name.

“There are divisions in our country where people can’t even talk to each other. All they can do is yell and scream at each other,” he says, acknowledging the demonstrators. “That’s not the answer to the problems we face in our country. The answer is to try and bring people together to try and find common ground.”

“The way to make our country a better place is to try and find common ground. It is not easy to do. It is hard to do,” Suozzi adds at an election night party in Woodbury.

Pilip concedes the race and says she congratulated Suozzi in a phone call.

“Yes we lost, but it doesn’t mean we are going to end here,” Pilip tells supporters at her election watch party.

Trump is quick to insult Pilip, who had tried to keep the seat in GOP hands after fabulist George Santos was booted from the House. On his Truth Social app he calls the Orthodox Jewish IDF veteran  a “very foolish woman” who was “running in a race where she didn’t endorse me and tried to ‘straddle the fence,’ when she would have easily WON if she understood anything about MODERN DAY politics in America.”

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