Pacific nation of Nauru walks back recognition of Taiwan’s independence in win for Beijing

The tiny South Pacific nation of Nauru announces its decision to switch diplomatic ties from Taiwan to China, a move that bolsters Beijing’s ambitions in the region.

The Nauru government says it will no longer recognize Taiwan “as a separate country” but “rather as an inalienable part of China’s territory.”

China claims democratic, self-ruled Taiwan as its own territory and has vowed to one day seize it, by force if needed.

Nauru will “sever diplomatic relations” with Taiwan immediately and “no longer develop any official relations or official exchanges with Taiwan,” the island state says in a presidential statement.

Following the switch, Taiwan’s foreign ministry says it is ending diplomatic relations with Nauru “to safeguard our national dignity.”

Nauru’s decision will likely be seen as a major coup for Beijing — it was one of the few countries left that officially recognized Taiwan on a diplomatic basis.

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