PMO clarifies: Netanyahu was told at start of war that Hamas used dozens of Israeli SIMs

Hours after the Prime Minister’s Office was widely quoted in Hebrew media saying that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “not aware until yesterday’s publication that [Hamas’s] Nukba terrorists switched to Israeli SIM cards in their telephones” hours before they invaded Israel on October 7, the PMO issues a clarification.

“Netanyahu did not know about the publication on Channel 14 [on Sunday] that spoke of ‘thousands of Israeli SIMs used by the Nukba,'” the PMO is now quoted as saying. “However, at the start of the war, the prime minister was updated that the terrorists used dozens of Israeli SIMs.”

The Channel 14 report was denied by the IDF earlier today, which called it “false and far from reality.”

It said “several indicative signs accumulated” in the hours before the early morning onslaught, “which included, among other things, the activation of only dozens of SIMs, which had been activated in previous events in the past.”

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