PMO: US ambassador said weapon shipments are in the process of being delivered

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

US Ambassador to Israel Jack Lew informed Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday that the weapons the prime minister claimed were being held up by the White House are actually “in the process of being delivered to Israel,” Netanyahu’s office says in a statement.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu said he expects this to happen and instructed Israeli teams to work with their American counterparts to that end,” continues the Prime Minister’s Office statement.

The message appears to be an attempt by Netanyahu to move beyond a fight he picked yesterday in a video statement that berated the Biden administration for supposed holdups in the supply of arms to Israel. The White House reportedly canceled high-level talks between American and Israeli security officials in Washington, DC in response.

But Washington also looks to be working to put the spat behind them.

A White House official tells The Times of Israel that the details of the meeting were not finalized, “therefore nothing was canceled.”

Meanwhile, says the official, meetings will indeed be held with Israeli officials this week “on a range of issues.”

“As we said in yesterday’s briefing, we have no idea what the prime minister is talking about, but that is no reason to postpone a meeting.”

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