Police minister, top cop said to back officer who shot disabled man to death

Public Security Minister Amir Ohana is backing a police officer who shot and killed a disabled Arab man who appeared to be wielding a knife Monday, according to a report in Walla news.

Relatives of Munir Anabtawi, 33, said he suffered from mental illness and they had called police for help. Police say Anabtawi tried to stab them before they opened fire. Authorities are investigating.

Security forces inspect the scene where a man was shot to death by a police officer after the man attempted to stab him, in Haifa, March 29, 2021. (Roni Ofer/Flash90)

The family says he was shot five times in the ensuing confrontation.

Ohana and police chief Kobi Shabtai spoke with the Haifa officer accused of shooting him, who has not been named, and told him they support him and are there to back him up, according to the report.

A police spokesperson has not responded to a Times of Israel request for comment.