Report claims Israel thinks deal chances fading thanks to Khan Younis retreat, aid uptick

A report claims Israeli officials are blaming the pullback of troops from Khan Younis and the surge in humanitarian aid reaching the Strip for the expected failure of hostage-truce talks in Cairo, saying Hamas won’t compromise after getting so much for free.

According to the Ynet news site, officials in Jerusalem think both moves “really hurt negotiations.”

“We gave up our strong bargaining chips for nothing,” and now Hamas’s position is even tougher to crack, Ynet quotes “Israeli sources” saying. “Hamas is digging in with its demands for an end to a war and a troop withdrawal, and is determined to play tricks with the mediators.”

The moves are thought by some to be the result of US pressure as President Joe Biden’s administration has taken a tougher line against Israeli operations in the Strip and the pace of aid, threatening to pull back support. The army says it pulled out of Khan Younis because operations there were over and troops need a break before a planned push into Rafah.

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