Report: Israel to present to US timeline for gradual completion of war against Hamas

A report claims Israel is set to present to the US a schedule for the gradual ending of the war against Hamas in Gaza, in the shadow of growing tensions between the countries over the continued intense fighting.

The intense phase of the war, according to the schedule, is set to wrap up by the end of January, Channel 12 reports, without citing a source.

After that, it will take several weeks for the IDF to withdraw its forces from the heart of Gaza and deploy them on defense lines — located in and out of the Strip.

The third and most prolonged stage is reportedly expected to last for most of 2024, consisting of localized raids and operations with the goal of toppling the Hamas terror group’s rule over the enclave.

The report says Israel is aiming to maintain control over Gaza for the foreseeable future.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is set to arrive today. Israel is expected to formally approve opening the Kerem Shalom crossing for the entry of humanitarian aid directly from Israel to Gaza, which the government has refused to do since the war began.

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