Report: Qatar agrees to pay $60m to Gaza, may be Israel’s newest Gulf friend

A Channel 13 report claims that Israel has convinced Qatar to pay out $60 million to Gaza through the end of the year.

The figure is lower than an agreement to funnel $100 million into Gaza reported on by Channel 12 last week.

Neither report is confirmed.

According to Channel 13’s unsourced report, there is an Israeli team in Doha now working on the agreement. The channel claims that Qatar sees the deal with Israel to pay millions to its main foe Hamas, Gaza’s de facto ruler, as a way of getting back in the good graces of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The channel speculates that Qatar, which is being blackballed by the GCC due to its attempts to remain close to Iran, is likely to be one of the countries supposedly lining up to establish ties with Israel, seeing the payments, which have been going on for years, as a sign of the growing warmth between Jerusalem and Doha.