Roger Waters appears to deny Oct. 7 massacres, says they’re ‘blown out of proportion’

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters has refused to condemn Hamas’s massacre of many hundreds of civilians in Israel on October 7 in a new interview, or even to acknowledge it happened, saying he is still a bit down a “rabbit hole” of conspiracy theories about how Israel failed to prevent the unprecedented onslaught.

“Didn’t the Israeli army… hear the bangs when they blew up whatever they had to blow up to get across the border? There’s something very fishy about that,” he tells a podcast.

When asked if the attack was justified, Waters falsely says “we don’t know what they did do,” and adds: “Was it justified for them to resist the occupation? Yeah. They’re absolutely legally and morally bound to resist the occupation since 1967.”

Hamas has said countless times that its goal is to destroy Israel in all its borders, not just drive it away from the West Bank and Gaza which the Jewish state seized in 1967 in a defensive war.

“If war crimes were committed, I condemn them,” he says. He then proceeds to avoid any reference to the overwhelming evidence that communities were overrun and that entire families were butchered in their homes and at a music festival, focusing on the hundreds of IDF soldiers killed that day and saying that “the thing was thrown out of all proportion by the Israelis making up stories about beheading babies.”

Israel has produced horrifying visual evidence of that claim.

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