Those We Have Lost

Mapal Adam, 25: Hid under a truck from Hamas terrorists for hours

Murdered at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Mapal Adam (Courtesy)
Mapal Adam (Courtesy)

Mapal Adam, 25, the younger sister of television presenter Maayan Adam, was murdered by Hamas on October 7 at the Supernova music festival near Kibbutz Re’im.

Mapal and her boyfriend Roi hid under a truck and played dead for hours until Hamas terrorists shot Mapal at close range. Roi survived.

Before she was shot, the two sisters were texting, said Maayan.

“Don’t tell Mom,” wrote Mapal.

“I’m scared, Maayan,” wrote Mapal.

Maayan described their back-and-forth texts in a fraught interview on Channel 12. She asked for Mapal’s location, couldn’t understand why security forces hadn’t arrived, why no one was coming to save them.

“There’s a massacre, there’s a massacre,” wrote Mapal. “Bullets are hitting me in the head.”

Mapal’s boyfriend, Roi, called Maayan to tell her he would protect her. He lay on top of Mapal, taking bullets in his back and surviving to tell their story. The two had just moved in together the previous week.

“He told me she was brave when she died,” said Maayan. “I’m not sure he’s telling me the truth, I’m sure she was so scared. But unlike so many other families, we know what her last words were.”

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