Sa’ar: Any deal that allows Hamas to remain in control of Gaza is a defeat for Israel

New Hope chair Gideon Sa’ar says that the hostage release and ceasefire deal proposal put forward by Israel and presented by US President Joe Biden would mean victory for Hamas.

“An outline that ends with Hamas being left intact as the governing and military force in Gaza means a threat to the citizens of Israel in general and to the residents of the Gaza border communities specifically,” he writes on X.

“This would be a defeat for Israel and a victory for Hamas, the consequences of which would be far-reaching.”

Biden, on Friday, presented a vision for the rehabilitation of Gaza in which “Arab nations and the international community along with Palestinian and Israeli leaders [will work together] to get it done in a manner that does not allow Hamas to rearm.”

Moreover, he said that an “interim administration” would govern Gaza, and indicated that the US would give Israel cover to continue pursuing Hamas’s leaders after the war.

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