Teachers of at-risk youth hold one-day strike over salaries they say are unfair

Gavriel Fiske is a reporter at The Times of Israel

Teachers and staff who run programming for some 5,500 at-risk and drop-out youth around the country are staging a one-day strike today, in protest of what they say is a refusal by the Education Ministry to raise their salaries in line with other high school teachers.

The ministry has “frozen a tender for the program,” halting a salary increase for 1,200 teachers “whose wages have not been updated since 2018,” the strikers say in a statement.

“We were the first in the education system to mobilize after October 7 and teach at-risk youth, but despite our importance, our salary is around 20% lower than our peers,” the statement continues.

The striking teachers say there is a budget for a salary increase but the “failures of the Education Ministry” have stalled the increased wages they deserve.

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