White House accuses some cabinet members of creating ‘obstacles’ to Gaza aid effort

Jacob Magid is The Times of Israel's US bureau chief

The White House accuses some Israeli cabinet members of blocking efforts to get more aid into Gaza.

“There have been some obstacles to getting the aid in that are organic to the fact that we’re talking about a war zone, but also inorganic obstacles [have been] thrown up in some cases by some members of the Israeli cabinet that have made it hard to get that aid in,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says, in a briefing with reporters.

Kirby does not name the cabinet members he is referring to, though hardline ministers from several coalition parties have pushed back on US calls to expand aid into Gaza, viewing it as a reward to Hamas or not deserved, given that the terror group continues to hold onto some 130 hostages.

“That’s why you heard the president so very clearly make certain on Friday when he was meeting [Italian] Prime Minister [Giorgia] Meloni that this is not a time for excuses. We’ve got to get more aid in,” Kirby says.

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