Witnesses say dozens of IDF tanks moving in southern Gaza

Dozens of Israeli tanks entered the southern part of the Gaza Strip near Khan Younis today, witnesses say, as the Israeli military conducts a ground offensive in the area.

Armored personnel carriers and bulldozers were also seen as Israel expands its operations against Hamas.

Amin Abu Hawli, 59, says the Israeli vehicles were “two kilometers (1.2 miles) inside” Gaza in the village of Al-Qarara near Khan Yunis.

Moaz Mohammed, 34, says Israeli tanks were on the southern part of Salah al-Din road which runs from the north to the south of the Strip.

“They are holding Salah al-Din road on both sides and are now cutting it between Deir al-Balah (in central Gaza) and Khan Younis, firing bullets and tank shells at cars and people trying to move through the area,” he says.

The IDF does not comment on specific troop movements but confirmed yesterday that it had expanded its ground offensive into southern Gaza.

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