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Keen Reviews – Is Keen.com Psychics Reading Site Trustworthy or Fake Results?

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Life can be overwhelming at times. There are mysteries to it that are beyond our scope of understanding. While some of them don’t have any impact on our well-being, others can create a negative impact on our lives.

To comprehend these mysteries of life, people opt for psychic readings either offline or on psychic sites.

Keen Psychics is one of the most reputable online psychic reading websites. Their psychic advisors provide consultations in a variety of different categories, including financial guidance, love and relationships, life path advice, tarot reading, dream interpretation, and more.

According to many Keen Psychic reviews available online, many people have witnessed a positive change in their lives through the advice they have received from Keen Psychics.

But can Keen Psychics be trusted for accurate psychic readings?

We will provide all the information that you need to know about Keen in this in-depth Keen Psychics review.

Let’s begin with an overview of Keen:


Online Psychic Readings


Keen Psychics

Organization Type:


Service Form:


Keen Reading Service Provided Through:

Chat or Phone Call

Keen Reviews

Keen reviews are mainly positive and a number of users have claimed to have gotten a clearer view of the path that lies ahead of them in life with the help of Keen advisors and several Keen psychics.

Official Website:


Keen Psychic Service Features:

  • Search tools to find the best psychic source
  • Features gifted advisors
  • Offers multiple methods for connecting with their online psychic services such as phone or online chat readings, video readings, etc.
  • Mobile app for on-the-go readings
  • A pool of psychic advisors to help you find suitable Keen psychics that fit your expectations
  • Highest rated advisors
  • On-call customer support team
  • Schedule a chat reading/video readings meeting as per convenience
  • Experienced advisors are available for both phone or online chat readings, and online video readings
  • Keen offers Keen reward programs
  • Keen offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Online Reviews & Ratings

Keen Readings Service Price:

The rate of each psychic reader and psychic advisor differs as per their expertise ranging from $3 – $20 per minute and can go even higher

Keen Psychics Special Offer:

Book 10 minutes for $1.99. (Book Now!)

Money-back guarantee:

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is provided. However, if not satisfied, a user may be eligible to receive a credit of up to $25 in Keen dollars once for 30 days. It can be used in future readings.

What is Keen?

Keen Psychics is an online psychic readings website that was founded in 1999. In the start, the readings were provided via the telephone or in-person because there was no internet. Today, Keen Psychic readers are available 24/7 worldwide, all thanks to the internet. As per the online reviews, it is confirmed that the spiritual advisors and psychic experts on Keen have years of experience and knowledge.

Since 1999 millions of conversations have been made with Keen advisors across diverse topics ranging from career readings to spirituality. And this number continues to grow with new people discovering this platform every day.

Who are the Members of Keen?
Keen is a trusted community of talented and skilled psychic readers and spiritual advisors whose life ambition is to empower lives. They are dedicated to aiding people to resolve their unanswered questions. These experts provide customers guidance on how to proceed with difficult life situations and gain a sense of purpose in life.

Each spiritual advisor on Keen has their own personal touch and hence, they provide satisfying intuitive and spiritual services. Because of this feature, Keen Psychics is the leading spiritual network in the industry.

How Does Keen Psychics Work?

A person interested in Keen Psychic reading service can get started within just a few minutes. The procedure is very easy and includes the following three steps:

Step 1: Register For A New Keen Account
A Keen account is required for customers to begin their psychic reading journey. New customers can register for an account by clicking on the big button at the top of Keen’s website. They can either log in with a Gmail Id or an Apple ID. Also, there is an option to sign up using an email address and password. (Click here to get started now!)

Next, the page will be directed to the client’s Keen account, where the customer can book a psychic reading for free. There are also a number of promotional offers available on the website for new customers to redeem.

The customer’s Keen account page will have various blank spaces for them to fill in, such as providing preferences. Based on the current questions, mood and what type of psychic reading a client wants, the web page will direct the users to a list of psychic readers to choose from.

Step 2: Find The Best Keen Psychic From the Psychic Directory
The second step after the user’s account is set up includes finding a suitable psychic. A psychic who matches the customer’s expectations and answers their all-life questions are not difficult to find on Keen as there is a huge list of potential psychics on the website. The website’s “Get Matched” feature can also be beneficial for the first couple of readings.

Step 3: Schedule a Keen Psychic Reading
The final step is to schedule a reading and get ready to connect with a Keen psychic. The user has two options to select from, i.e., either “chat now” or “call now.” If the psychic of one’s preference is not available at the moment, they can schedule a phone call for another time when there is availability.

Get answers to life’s mysteries with Keen Psychics. Book today!

What are The Types of Readings Offered By Keen Psychics?

Keen Psychics offers a variety of different readings and it totally depends on the customer’s needs and requirements to choose the type of readings they are looking for.

Keen Psychic Readings:
Psychic readers, one of the basic ones, can provide insights into careers, relationships and goals. It provides customers with the peace of mind they seek. It is also an opportunity to boost confidence by knowing more about oneself.

The Keen Psychics website hosts many Keen psychics who can offer accurate psychic readings in an affordable price range.

Keen Psychic Mediums:
Keen Psychic mediums can help the client get closure and find answers to pressing questions. It is a medium for them where they can communicate with their deceased loved one and seek comfort.

Online psychics at Keen Psychics can help you find the comfort you are looking for when it comes to communicating with a deceased loved one.

Keen Financial Guidance:
A psychic financial advisor/psychic source provides inputs into the customer’s financial issues. It will be an understatement to say that financial problems can be stressful because we know how annoying they can be. A psychic source can look into when the financial outlook will improve and what more difficulties a person can face in the future.

Keen Love and Relationships Readings:
Keen psychics who provide love and relationship readings are in tune with romantic vibrations. If someone is facing issues in this specific field, it’s better to consult a psychic source at Keen who have the knowledge, gift, and expertise to help them out on a spiritual level.

Keen Life Path & Advice Readings:
If you are someone who needs to make important life decisions such as a big move, life’s purpose, or a career change, you can opt for a psychic source at Keen who can give you clarity in this field.

Keen Tarot Readings:
Keen tarot readings provide assistance in any field of life. The cards are used to predict positive outcomes while evaluating the influences of the user.

Some of the best Keen psychics excel in tarot readings and offer their services via phone readings, chat readings, and even video readings.

Check out honest customer feedback – click to read reviews!

Keen Spiritual Readings:
Learn how to be more balanced, present, and mindful in this journey of life. Self-discover oneself by diving into the spiritual world with the help of Keen spiritual readings.

Keen Astrology Readings:
Become the best version of oneself in the present and in the future by knowing about one’s life with the help of the power of reading birth charts.

Keen Feng Shui Readings:
A Feng Shui psychic reader provides guidance on how to design and organize home spaces such as bedrooms as well office spaces. They believe that people manifest greatness by aligning spaces and shifting their energy.

Keen Numerology Readings:
A Keen psychic reader can easily form a connection between destiny and numbers through expertise in this field. These psychics claim that numbers can reveal the human’s secret life path.

A Keen review says, “I did not know that numbers hold so much power in life. With the spiritual services from Keen, I have finally started gaining more control over my numbers and it shows the changes that have been brought to my life. Hopefully, with the help of their online psychics and psychic services, I could eventually gain a better control of my destiny too.”

Keen Aura Cleansing Readings:
Keen psychics offer Aura Cleansing as one of their other psychic services because our bodies are surrounded by auras, and depending upon our spiritual energy it changes colors which reflect our personality and radiates energy. If someone wants to achieve balance and clear negativity, they should choose a skilled Keen Aura cleansing reader.

They can arrange phone readings, video readings, or even online chat readings if that’s what they are comfortable with.

Keen Chakra Cleansing Readings:
It can affect our mood and health drastically if our chakras are clogged. To cleanse our inner chakras, it is recommended to take the advice of an expert Keen psychic who knows the ways to clear obstructions in life by cleansing the Chakra.

A Keen review says, “I had always felt that something was wrong with my Chakra and being a believer of Chakra and the power it holds, I registered for it on the Keen Psychic Website. At first, I was blown away by the number of online psychics on the website and it did throw me off a little. The customer support, however, helped me find a psychic that could help with my Chakra cleansing and I have to say that I feel more energetic, driven, focused, and passionate in life now.”

Take action with Keen.com! Book a reading to unlock the mysteries of life! >>>

How Much Does Keen Psychic Cost?

The cost of each Keen reading differs from one psychic to another as per their expertise and experience in this field. It can range from $3 – $20 per minute and even more for the “highest rated” ones. Users can find these prices on their official website page after they complete the registration process.

Keen also runs special promotional offers to attract new users to the website such as:

  • 3 minutes free psychic reading or
  • $1.99 for 10 minutes

These offers are available for new users only. This is a perfect way for a new customer to try Keen in a risk-free way. We suggest that spending $1.99 for 10 minutes is a smart decision because the user will be allowed to distribute these 10 minutes among three psychic advisors if calling is their preference.

Else, the user can chat with 10 readers for 1 minute each. And in this time, a person can easily judge the psychic reader whether there’s a psychic connection with them or not.

Don’t miss out! Click here for free psychic reading or $1.99 for 10 minutes at Keen Psychics >>>

Keen Refund Policy – Does Keen Psychic Website Have a Satisfaction Guarantee?
Keen Psychic wants its clients to get the most out of their reading every time. They claim to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But if the client is not satisfied, they are committed to making things right. The users can request credit in just a few simple steps.

Keen users are eligible to receive a credit of up to $25 Keen dollars limit if the conversation with the psychic reader is not up to the mark. After 72 hours of the user’s conversation with the psychic reader, they can avail of this guarantee within 30 days. However, after 30 days, the user can avail of this service again for future unsatisfactory readings, if in case.

A Look At The Keen Psychic Reviews By Real Customers

Melissa from Colorado in her Keen Psychics review says “Keen Psychics really helped me with how I should go on in my life. At the brink of financial ruin, I was really waiting for a “miracle” when I came across Keen Psychic app. I registered on the Keen app to see if the online readings were actually legit. However, I wasn’t convinced about western astrology and psychic websites since the beginning of time. But the Keen Psychic reviews intrigued me.

I decided to give them a try. I opted for an astrology reading and I have to say this – Keen’s psychics are really gifted. Not only did the psychic reader help me understand what was really happening but also gave me recommendations on what I could do. I was glad of the moment I decided to trust Keen Psychics. My financial status is stabilizing and I am doing far better.”

John, another one of the users of Keen Psychic app says, “I had gone through several psychic platforms, tried many types of psychic readings such as angel readings, dream interpretation, love and relationships reading, and even astrology reading. However, the things so many of these psychic readers would say was just not relevant to me, very generic, or just completely made-up balls of NOTHING.

I had expected the Keen app to be the same. But after the first few sessions of my Keen readings, I started feeling the accuracy of it all. After having tried so many psychic websites, I have to say that there are only a handful of online psychic services that give accurate readings and Keen Psychic readings are one of them. Definitely recommend them, especially if you are looking for accurate angel readings.

See what others are saying – click here for genuine reviews!


How to Get the Best Keen Psychic Reading on Budget?
A clear and direct question paves the way for great reading. Be clear on questions to ask the readers.

Sometimes clients are advised to tell the readers about their relationships with other people so that they can provide an accurate reading. And sometimes, it just takes a bit of back and forth to ask the right question.

What to do After Keen Psychic Reading?
Getting a reading from a professional Keen psychic is an emotional experience. It is advisable that the customer pay full attention during the session and implement the methods suggested by the Keen psychic readers in their life to enjoy the benefit of the reading.

Why Are Keen Psychic Advisors Better Than Those On Other Psychic Sites?
Keen has a variety of categories to choose from, including love and relationships, tarot readings, and life questions. Each category has specialized Keen psychic advisors, so you can find someone who specializes in the area you’re looking for guidance in. This makes it easier to find an advisor who can give you the specific advice you’re looking for.

Keen also allows customers to leave reviews and ratings for their advisors, so you can see what others have experienced before you book a reading. This transparency allows you to make an informed decision before spending any money.

They also offer a variety of payment options.

What Is The Difference Between A Keen Psychic Reader and A Keen Psychic Advisor?
A Keen psychic reader is someone who specializes in providing psychic readings to clients. They use their psychic abilities to provide insight and guidance on a variety of topics, such as love and relationships, career, finances, and more.

Keen psychic readers are typically certified and have undergone extensive training to develop their psychic abilities. They may use tools such as tarot cards, astrology, or numerology to help them provide accurate readings.

A Keen psychic advisor is a professional who provides guidance and advice to clients on a variety of topics. They may specialize in areas such as love and relationships, career, finance, or spiritual guidance. Keen psychic advisors are typically certified and have undergone training to develop their skills.

They may also use tools such as tarot cards or astrology to help them provide advice to their clients.

How Good Is The Keen Customer Support?
In short, the answer is very good. Keen offers multiple channels for customers to reach out for support, including email, phone, and live chat. Their support team is available 24/7, which is especially important for a service that operates around the clock like Keen.

Another positive aspect of Keen’s customer support is the level of training and expertise their advisors have. Keen requires all of their advisors to go through a rigorous screening process and provide proof of their psychic abilities. This ensures that customers are receiving accurate and trustworthy readings.

In terms of response time, Keen’s customer support is generally quite fast. Emails are typically answered within 24 hours, and phone and live chat wait times are generally minimal. Keen also provides a comprehensive FAQ section on their website, which can often answer common questions without the need for contacting support.

Are Keen Psychics Accurate In Their Psychic Readings?
It’s important to note that psychic readings are not an exact science. The accuracy of a psychic reading can depend on various factors, such as the psychic’s ability, the person’s energy, and the questions asked. That being said, Keen psychics have a reputation for being accurate in their readings.

Keen psychics go through a rigorous screening process before they are approved to provide readings on the platform. They are required to provide evidence of their psychic abilities and undergo a background check. Keen psychics also have a rating system where customers can rate their experience and leave feedback. This rating system helps customers to choose a psychic who has a good track record.

Another factor that contributes to the accuracy of Keen psychics is their ability to connect with their clients. Keen psychics are skilled at building rapport with their clients and creating a comfortable environment for them to open up. This allows the psychic to tap into the person’s energy and provide accurate insights.

Are Keen Tarot Readers Reliable?
Keen tarot readers are generally reliable, as they are vetted by the Keen platform and must adhere to certain standards of professionalism and customer service.

However, as with any form of divination, the accuracy of the predictions can vary depending on the individual reader and the specific circumstances of the reading. It is always important to approach tarot readings with an open mind and a healthy dose of skepticism.

So how do tarot readers predict the future? There are several theories, including the idea that the cards tap into a universal energy or collective unconscious or that they provide a window into the subconscious mind of the person being read.

Some readers also use intuition or psychic abilities to interpret the cards and provide guidance.

Will The Keen Customer Service Help You Find A Psychic?
The keen customer service team is available 24/7 to help customers with any questions or concerns they may have. Customers can contact Keen by phone, email, or live chat. Keen customer service representatives are knowledgeable about the services offered on the platform and can provide guidance on finding a psychic that meets the customer’s needs.

Keen also offers a satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied with their reading, they can contact Keen’s customer service team for a refund. This guarantee provides peace of mind for customers who may be hesitant to try a new psychic.

Who Is A Pet Psychic?
A pet psychic, also known as an animal communicator, is a person who has the ability to communicate with animals telepathically. They can understand what animals are thinking and feeling and can relay messages between pets and their owners. These online psychics can help owners better understand their pets’ behavior, emotions, needs and can assist in resolving any issues or conflicts between pets and their humans.

Does Keen Host Pet Psychics On Its Website?
Yes, Keen does host pet psychics on its website as a part of their other psychic services.

Pet owners can browse through a list of pet psychics on the Keen website, read reviews from other users, and choose an advisor that they feel comfortable with. Once they’ve selected an advisor, they can connect with them via phone or chat to receive a reading.

During a pet psychic reading, the advisor will connect with your pet telepathically and ask them questions about their behavior, health, and emotions.

They may also ask your pet if there is anything that they would like to communicate with you. The psychic will then relay this information to you and provide insights and guidance based on their communication with your pet.

Final Thoughts- Does Keen Psychics Offer Legit Psychic Readings?

Our editorial team has outlined the various benefits and specialties of Keen Psychics and Keen advisors. We have also provided details on how a customer can get the best from their services, how to access the website and the ways to find the best psychic.

To conclude, Keen Psychics is a trustable online source where one can find accurate and qualified psychics. It is safe to say that Keen Psychics is legit and the customer will definitely find the results they are looking for.

The advantage of choosing Keen Psychics is that a customer can connect with the preferred advisor irrespective of geographic location or available office hours. Moreover, Keen Psychics is affordable in comparison to the best-in-class service they provide.

Uncover life’s mysteries with Keen Psychics. Book your session today!

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