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Pet apparel label Pink Papyrus is your go-to shop for all things furry. Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content: When we put our creativity into the production of anything and take care of all the details, it has to be something special.

Courtesy of Pink Papyrus
Courtesy of Pink Papyrus

When we put our creativity into the production of anything and take care of all the details, it has to be something special and when we include the choices of the people and likeness. Pink Papyrus and Christine Abdelmalek, its founder and CEO, has been taking into consideration all these and prepared things for the lovely pets.

The world is very much concerned about animals whether they are pets or wild. And Pink Papyrus has extended its hand towards the care of pets and has created some comfort in their apparel. Not only the common people but many celebrities have turned towards the things created handcrafted by Pink Papyrus for their pets. These names include the likes of James Kennedy, Ashley Longshore, Nicole Williams, Lawrence Speed Hamilton and many others.

All the celebrities have been using the products of Pink Papyrus and are very much impressed by the comfort of their pets and the colorful fashionable apparels. Now there are more than 1 k PetSmart stores in the US and Canada and they are very much famous on a social media platform and have more than 30k followers on Instagram. has gained fame.

From the very beginning, Christine was a creative person and loved to play with colors. And now was the time when she put her effort to create fun and fashionable products. She had crafted colorful products for the pets to wear. Christine was a licensed pharmacist in California before she started her new career as an entrepreneur and founded the Pink Papyrus. It was quite difficult for her to take a decision which one to choose or give more attention to. Pink Papyrus gained more and more fame and success, she decided to continue with her business and let her creativity flourish with her brand.

Pink Papyrus has given a lot of competition to other substitutes since they are now also available in more than 1000 PetSmart stores all over the
US and Canada. One of their greatest achievements has been featuring in huge publication houses like Marie Claire, International Business Times, Newsweek and also Forbes.

With proper leadership from Christine, Pink Papyrus is surely going to lead the markets as it always has been come up with the help of their innovative accessories and introduction of new products from time and time again.

Make sure you follow them on their social media handles so that you can remain updated about the new products that they are launching, and you might also come across an extremely cute leash too while you’re at it!


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