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The godfather Of American mortgage brokers: Zach Machuca founder of auto-Nurture. Sponsored Content

Dictionary: Godfather 2. a man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization. “The godfather of alternative comedy”.

Courtesy of Zach Machuca
Courtesy of Zach Machuca

Let’s talk about Zach Machuca and his experience with agency owners and brokers. Partners of auto-Nurture, Zach Machuca’s top-rated agency for mortgage brokers, can expect to see 10-25 applications in their first two months with the agency. With this in mind, there’s no surprise brokers across the States are flocking Zach’s way, with the company now having 30 employees on the roster including expert media buyers, four-seasons quality support agents and PR specialists.

Zach Machuca, the 30-year-old from Fair Lawn, New Jersey has combined automation with human supervision to create the most-human like experience possible for every mortgage broker lead generated. They have mastered the nurturing process within their sales funnel using the proprietary sequences his specialist team has built, all of which are backed by empirical data. The agency had determined the most optimum sequence of touchpoints possible, producing results time and time again to allow mortgage brokers to enjoy a consistent stream of commissions. Guaranteeing all clients results has allowed Zach’s agency to scale to $100,000 m/o within 8 months of beginning, after brokers witnessed their competitors dominate the market with Zach’s services.

Due to his work with auto-Nurture, Zach has been interviewed by Forbes and featured on The Daily Caller by Tucker Carlson, Flaunt Magazine and various publications. Now being verified by Facebook, Machuca has picked up his fair share of influence within the mortgage industry, making the Godfather term rather applicable. However, Zach doesn’t identify with that name as it’s rather obnoxious. Instead, Zach goes by @zachy on Instagram after trademarking the name back in 2020 and making a successful claim to Instagram for the username. In fact, this was a process that he documented on Youtube, receiving his fair share of hate from black-hat sellers as he exposed the legal way of getting the deed done.

After his Youtube video and success in the mortgage industry, he says the reason for taking interviews, tweeting daily and the overall emphasis on his personal brand is to someday launch his own coaching program. Zach is on a mission to prove that ‘he’s not special’ and that anyone can start their own business if they are given the proper guidance. He plans on a launch sometime in 2022 and will be guaranteeing results.

For agency owners looking to reach heights like Zach’s, he tweets actionable value and wise words daily:

“I like to practice what I call:

“Selfish giving.”

I give knowing full well that it’s going to come back to me down the road.

That’s why I win more than lose.

I make sure I give just as much as I receive.

The universe is continuously in my debt and it always pays on time.”

Zach is also of course active on @zachy and we highly encourage agency owners and mortgage brokers to connect with him. Speaking with Zach is always a pleasure.

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