Video shows child falling from car, rescuers sprinting into traffic

One man jumps in front of approaching vehicle, while another picks up the boy in Ashdod incident; child suffers only minor scratches

Videos captured a frightening scene at a busy southern Israel intersection Sunday, as a young child was flung from a car and into the junction, with several passers-by sprinting into traffic to save the toddler.

The child had apparently opened the door of the vehicle just as it made a turn at the intersection in the city of Ashdod, and immediately tumbled out onto the road.

Two men who witnessed the incident immediately ran out into the road, with one jumping in front of an approaching vehicle and the other quickly picking up the boy.

The entire incident was caught by a traffic cam and a dash cam.

In the videos, the child can be seen falling from the car, and then several people running to help him, as he wanders dazed in the intersection.

The child suffered only minor scratches, and can be seen being returned to his mother.

“Some of the traffic had a green light and began driving, and suddenly I see in the last car a kid open,ing the door and falling out,” Tzuriel Mulai recounted. “I told the people with me ‘Stop the car.’ I removed my seatbelt, ran over to him, and grabbed him.”

Tzvika Stambolsky told Walla News: “I saw a kid fall out of a passing vehicle and immediately afterwards cars started driving. I did what I had to do and ran over to the child, I saw a car approaching and fell beside him, shielding him from the car while Tzuriel picked him up.”

Municipality officials said the incident should serve as a wake-up call to parents to ensure the security of their children while driving.

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