Two men were stabbed to death and two others were wounded in a Rehovot brawl overnight Friday-Saturday.

Three of the four men were found on Yom Hakippurim Boulevard in the city with stab wounds to their upper bodies.

Emergency rescue personnel called to the scene scoured the area and found the fourth man on another street nearby.

Police arrested four people on Saturday in connection with the incident.

Paramedics told Haaretz that when they arrived at the first scene, they found a man in his early 30s in the driver’s seat of a car that looked like it had slammed into a wall, with stab wounds to his upper body. When they heard a cry of pain nearby, they reached a park where a man in his 20s was found unconscious. He was pronounced dead. The man in the car later died of his injuries too.

The third man, 25 years of age, was found nearby, moderately wounded, and the fourth, 18, sustained stab wounds to his lower body.