‘Battleship’ director grills journalist
'Are you a draft dodger?' 'Are you a draft dodger?'

‘Battleship’ director grills journalist

In an interview about the international blockbuster, filmmaker asks about Israeli reporter’s lack of army service

Well, that was awkward.

An interview intended to promote the action movie “Battleship” turned into an uncomfortable confrontation between an Israeli journalist and the film’s enlistment-loving director.

Peter Berg, who helmed the big-budget thriller, took interviewer Jason Danino-Holt to task for not serving in the Israeli military, telling him, “You gotta join the army, [expletive].” The comment followed an unusually intense discussion of Iran’s nuclear program (at least by the standards of a promotional interview), with Berg asking a confused-looking Danino-Holt, “What the [expletive] is going to happen in Israel?”

Danino-Holt, a former host on MTV Europe, looked similarly taken aback when Berg began asking why he’d never served in the military. (The 25-year-old, who elsewhere has claimed he was exempted due to health issues, didn’t say.) “How’d you get out of that? Are you a draft dodger?” Berg asked.

In most parts of the world, “Battleship” is known mostly for being a blockbuster at the box office, and for marking the acting debut of pop star Rihanna. The film opened in Israel on May 3.

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