Bulgarian police say they have identified one of a trio of terrorists involved in the bombing of a tour bus in Bulgaria, which killed five Israelis and the Bulgarian driver last year.

Citing local media, Bulgarian English language news agency Novinite reported on Thursday that police are still searching for the suspect and have not released his name.

The suspect acted with the bomber, known under the alias Jacque Felipe Martin, as well as another accomplice, known under the alias Ralph William Rico.

Five Israelis and their Bulgarian driver were killed near the resort town of Burgas when the bus they were boarding outside Burgas’s airport blew up on July 18. Over 30 others were injured, three of them seriously, in the bombing, which Israel blamed on Hezbollah.

The real identities of Martin and Rico have not yet been discovered, according to Novinite. Investigators also suspect there may have been a fourth or fifth accomplice. Bulgarian police maintain all those involved were foreigners, but are wary of pointing a finger at Hezbollah without solid evidence.

Bulgarian police have yet to make any arrests in the case and the investigation has gone slowly. In November, a top Interpol official said the lack of progress in the investigation was “abnormal.”

Investigators are expected to reenact the attack by blowing up a bus in a search for clues, Novinite reported.

In December, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said both he and US President Barack Obama knew who the bombers were, but more solid evidence was needed to build a case.