Democrats were dismissive Thursday after the announcement of a well-funded new Republican push to convince Jews in battleground states such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania to shift their votes to the Republicans in November.

“The more American Jews have gotten to know Mitt Romney, the less they support him and the more they support President Obama,” David Harris, head of the National Jewish Democratic Council, said Thursday, adding, “American Jews will not be swayed by this campaign of distortion.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition, the Republican Party’s outreach arm to the American Jewish community, announced this week what it billed as “the largest, most comprehensive grassroots door-to-door outreach effort ever undertaken in the Jewish community.” Armed with a $6.5 million war chest, the RJC is calling for volunteers and grassroots organizers to descend on Florida, Philadelphia and Cleveland on September 9 and 10 to meet with Jewish voters and convince them to vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in November.

According to RJC head Matt Brooks, the effort is being helped by a database containing the names of undecided Jewish voters in battleground states. As part of the grassroots canvassing, the RJC plans to attack incumbent President Barack Obama’s policies on Israel.

But Harris, who heads the Democratic counterpart to the RJC, believes that, “in their hearts, American Jews know Israel is not up for grabs in this election.

“Poll after poll across the board has shown that the Jewish community
doesn’t support [the Republican Party]. There are a lot of reasons for
that: health care is part of it, [Congressman] Todd Akin’s comment
about ‘legitimate rape,’ the fact that the GOP is not the party of
real science,” Harris said.

The most recent poll of Jewish voters was released by Gallup on July 27, and showed Jews nationwide favoring Obama over Romney by 68 percent to 25%.

Asked if the Republican side’s plentiful funding doesn’t concern him, Harris said, “We’ll have the resources we need to get the facts out.”