A 24-year-old Egyptian man was arrested after he allegedly communicated with Israelis and tattooed a Star of David on his arm, Egyptian news outlet Al-Youm Al-Sabaa reported Sunday.

According to the report, Shenouda Ashraf Sobhy Zekry, a resident of the southern city of Sohag, communicated with Israelis on Facebook, declared his love for Israel, added Israeli Facebook pages to his account and was critical of Egypt and Egyptians.

He reportedly tried to obtain a visa to come to Israel from the embassy in Cairo, but was turned down. Investigators reportedly found an Arabic-Hebrew dictionary at Zekry’s house, along with a $100 bill, two machine gun slugs, and the business card of a Sudanese embassy employee.

It was not clear what charges were leveled against Zekry by the Egyptian authorities.

Shenouda is a popular Coptic Christian name, but the report didn’t say whether Zekry was Christian.

A video posted to YouTube by the paper claimed to show Zekry at the Oum Al-massrieen General Hospital in Cairo, in which he bares the tattoo on his forearm and tells the camera, “I’m Israeli, not Egyptian. I don’t want to stay Egyptian because of what happened to the youth [of Egypt].”