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Irit Konderov, 27: ‘Warrior mother’ who inspired her friends

Murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Irit Konderov (Facebook).
Irit Konderov (Facebook).

Irit Konderov, 27, from Ashkelon, was murdered by Hamas terrorists while trying to flee the Supernova music festival on October 7.

Last contact was made with Konderov around 6:40 a.m. on October 7, and she was classified as missing for eight days until her body was eventually identified. She was buried in the Ashkelon Cemetery on October 15 and is survived by her young son, Ariel, as well as her parents Lena and Pavel.

Konderov was a nail technician who enjoyed painting, metal music, and getting tattoos, according to an Army Radio post on X. She also had three beloved pet cats.

“There is so much to say about you — what kind of person you were, how much you always helped everyone, what an inspiration you always were to all of us,” wrote friend and colleague Samantha Ester Davydov on social media.

“I won’t forget all our conversations—especially when you became a mother,” another friend and colleague, Orly Friedman, told local media outlet Kan Ashkelon. “You proved to yourself and your son that you can do anything… You became a warrior mother! You showed us what a lioness is. Rest in peace, beautiful and talented girl. We will not forget you.”

Her friend Lian Kabesa wrote on Facebook: “Irit my love, you helped everyone with every question and you were the queeeen of nails. Watch over your little boy from above and give him strength. I love you so much.”

In announcing her daughter’s death on Facebook, Irit’s mother Lena wrote: “They killed my baby.”

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