The Israel Electric Corporation warned of possible power outages across the country in the coming days as temperatures soar and energy demand rises above the capabilities of the nation’s grid.

With temperatures expected to climb over 90° Farenheit (32° Celsius) in the coming days, the IEC on Wednesday predicted that electricity use will top 11,500 megawatts, causing an electricity surge that power stations cannot keep up with.

If demand goes beyond the supply capabilities, the IEC may employ rolling blackouts to shut off power in some areas for up to an hour at a time in order to keep the rest of the country powered.

Areas facing enforced power cuts will be listed on the IEC’s website.

The IEC appealed to the public to refrain from the use of high-energy devices such as electric grills, electric ovens, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dishwashers between noon and 5 p.m. The electric company suggested using such devices either early in the morning or late at night instead.

The Fire and Rescue Services advised the nation to check that backup generators were ready for operation and that alarms in elevators were working properly.

Israel’s already straining power supplies took a further blow with the halting of natural gas supplies from Egypt earlier this year. Last April the IEC warned that this summer its power-generating abilities would be, precariously, only one percent above the expected demand.

In order to prevent a collapse of the system, the IEC has also consulted with industrial plants on methods to reduce their energy demands during peak times.

Last month, former director general of the Israel Electric Corporation Amos Lasker called for the country to turn to nuclear power as an energy source. Speaking at an energy conference, Lasker said that relying on natural gas supplies was irresponsible.