Dallas Morning News’ reporter Michael Granberry writes this about the exceptional film festival:

The Jewish Community Center of Dallas is its own artistic oasis. Case in point: Its annual Jewish Film Festival, which each September reminds us of how good cinema can be but often isn’t if you’re reduced to the local multiplex. Some of the best films I’ve seen in years I’ve seen at the festival. Last year’s Little Rose remains my favorite among many terrific films I’ve seen through the JCC’s annual endeavor. Lucky for me, I’ve managed to catch a sneak preview of a couple of offerings from this year’s fest, and they’re impeccable.

My Australia is about boys growing up in Poland, thinking they’re Catholic. Upon discovering that her boys have joined a neo-Nazi gang, Mom tells them they’re moving to Australia but takes them instead to Israel, where they first come in contact with their Jewish identity.

Most years, the films carry a common theme of Jewish identity and do so with equally vibrant doses of drama and comedy. The 25-minute comic short A Wonderful Day is about a prized Israeli scientist contemplating a move to Berlin, with his Jewish grandmother doing everything she can to stop it.

But my favorite of those I’ve seen so far is Remembrance, a Holocaust love story that begins in a Nazi concentration camp in Poland during World War II. A Polish resistance fighter falls in love with a Jewish woman, whom he spirits out of the camp. He ends up thinking she’s dead, but in 1976, they both learn otherwise. Great film.

The festival runs from Sept. 6 through Sept. 29, with films being shown at the JCC, at Studio Movie Grill Dallas and the Angelika Plano. Click here for details via the festival’s official Web site.