In a recent Friday sermon in the Gaza Strip, Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras accused Jews of recruiting prostitutes into the army “in order to lure Arabs into their traps,” and further added that Jewish leaders send “AIDS-infected girls to fornicate with Muslim youths.”

During the sermon, which was delivered on January 6 and was broadcast on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV, Abu Ras also claimed that the Jewish state allowed drugs and tobacco to be smuggled through tunnels into Gaza, while purposefully preventing the entry of essential goods.

“Do you know what commodity enters Gaza in large quantities, with the blessings of the enemy? It is drugs,” said Abu Ras. “Drugs only. The second commodity is tobacco. Those who want to smuggle drugs or tobacco into Gaza can do so freely, but to smuggle a useful commodity into Gaza? That is forbidden.”

According to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the Hamas MP went on to attack Jews at large for spreading “filthy pornographic movies and websites.”

Abu Ras concluded his sermon with an assurance to the crowd that the Jewish state would soon be defeated, adding a prayer that the “criminal Jews” and those who support them would be eliminated.

Watch the video here.

“My brothers, have patience. Victory is coming soon, Allah willing,” he said. “Their state is about to disappear. We do not know exactly how this will happen, but we know what our Lord and our Prophet have told us. The time for miracles is almost upon us.

“My brothers, know that people, stones, and trees all hate [the Jews]. Everyone on Earth hates this filthy nation, a nation extrinsic to Mankind. This fact was elucidated by the Quran and the Sunna,” he said.

“Oh Allah, destroy the criminal Jews and those who help and support them, as well as those who engage in security coordination with them! Oh Allah, strike them with a resounding blow, for they are no match for You. Shake their entity and bring them down. Oh Allah, drive them out of our lands in submission and humiliation! Oh Allah, enable us to kill them!”