Late Captain America creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, both nice Jewish boys from New York, must be pleased with the latest news from the Big Apple. Last week, a bank robber wearing a Red Skull mask was busted in Brooklyn by a group of Shomrim, the Hasidic civilian neighborhood watch.

The Red Skull was Captain America’s World War II-era Nazi arch-enemy.

The New York Post reported on Sunday that Kevin Crawford, 20, used a commercially available Red Skull mask while on a two-day armed bank robbing spree that netted several thousand dollars.

On Wednesday, he panicked and fled empty handed from a bank in Fort Greene, after the teller refused to immediately hand over the money.

He was followed by witnesses and confronted by a group of Shomrim, who detained him until the police arrived. The Shomrim, Jewish civilian patrols whose stated aim is to prevent crime and anti-Semitic incidents, are unarmed and do not have authority to make arrests.