Social activists on Sunday accused Health Minister Yael German (Yesh Atid) of running a protester over with her car and leaving the scene of the accident. German in a Sunday statement denied hitting the man, and Yesh Atid sources called the accusations an attack on the party’s leader, Finance Minister Yair Lapid.

As German was leaving the party’s Tel Aviv headquarters after a Saturday night faction meeting, she encountered a group of protesters opposed to planned budget cuts, who circled her car and blocked her progress. According to a statement from German’s spokesperson, police told the health minister not to get out of her car and to leave quickly.

Officers cleared the road for her, but activists claim she ran over the leg of 70-year-old Hillel Kenigsberg, who has been holding a hunger strike outside Lapid’s house for the last two weeks, and then drove off. Police said Kenigsberg intentionally pushed his foot under the moving vehicle.

“She hit him and he fell down. There were 70 witnesses who saw it,” social activist Ruth Kolion told Israel Radio Sunday, adding that German knew she had hit someone. “We called an ambulance and it arrived 20 minutes later and took him to the hospital.”

Later that night, German visited Kenigsberg in the hospital but he refused to talk to her. He was released and went home after five hours, reportedly suffering from minor bruises.

Sources in Yesh Atid said the incident was an intentional provocation by protesters seeking to besmirch Lapid.