The IDF on Wednesday said that six wounded Syrians have been returned to their country after receiving medical treatment in Israel.

The six had completed their treatment, and the military took them to an undisclosed location where they were returned to Syria. The military would not comment on why they were sent back.

Two weeks ago, seven Syrian men approached the frontier between Syria and the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights. They reached the Israeli border with a larger group of refugees escaping the violence in Syria.

They were given preliminary treatment on the border after they were found to be unarmed. They were then transferred by IDF troops to Ziv Hospital in Safed in military ambulances — a first since the violence in Syria began nearly two years ago.

The military said the seventh Syrian, who was severely wounded, remained in an Israeli hospital for further treatment.

After the hospitalization of the Syrians, the UN was quick to point out that Israel was obligated to grant them asylum and would be contravening international law if it decided to repatriate them after their recovery.

Military sources said the event was isolated, and that Israel would not grant humanitarian assistance to Syrian nationals on a regular basis.

The incident coincided with a report that the IDF would construct a field hospital in the no-man’s zone between Israel and Syria so as to offer treatment at the border and prevent an influx of wounded Syrians. A Foreign Ministry official on Sunday confirmed to The Times of Israel that the project was indeed in the offing.