JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli group investigating human rights abuses in the Palestinian territories criticized the army for not indicting a single soldier despite more than 100 criminal investigations into the troops’ alleged offenses last year.

Yesh Din researcher Lior Yavne said the military’s investigative process was defective and there was improper supervision of the advocate general’s corps.

In a statement this week, he said this leads to a feeling of lawlessness in the Palestinian territories.

His remarks follow a government report released Wednesday on a deadly Israeli naval raid on a Gaza-bound international flotilla in 2010 that killed nine pro-Palestinian Turkish activists. That report called for changes in the way the military investigates itself.

The army said the statistics don’t reflect a lack of due process in the military.

At the end of January another Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem released a report condemning the IDF’s crowd-control policies that alleged several Palestinians have been killed since 2005 by supposedly non-lethal procedures.

The study also claimed that practically no action is taken even when there are systematic violations of those regulations.

The report led to rebukes from the United Nations and European countries for Israel’s use of “unlawful” crowd-control weapons.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.