Representatives from the Yesh Atid and Jewish Home factions agreed on final details for their strategy in the coming government early Thursday, including changing the majority needed for a vote of no confidence, raising the threshold for winning seats in the Knesset, and abolishing ministers without portfolio.

The two parties finalized the issues after an all-night meeting, Ynet reported.

The two parties, which worked together closely in their negotiations to join the government, intend to raise the number of votes needed for a vote of no confidence to 65 Knesset members, rather than the current 61 out of 120 members.

They also agreed, as previously reported, to pass legislation raising the threshold for winning a seat in the Knesset to 4%, and to work to abolish ministers without portfolio; indications are that the incoming 22-strong cabinet will have no such ministers.

In the January 22 elections, 12 parties cleared the 2% threshold — garnering over 2% of the votes cast nationwide.

Had the threshold been set at 4%, however, only 8 parties would have made it into the Knesset. All three of the Israeli Arab parties (Hadash, Balad and the United Arab List), along with Kadima, would have fallen short.

Yesh Atid and Jewish Home are scheduled to finally sign on joining the government later on Thursday after reaching an agreement with Likud-Beytenu on Wednesday on the distribution of ministerial portfolios.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party finally relinquished the Education Ministry to the Yesh Atid party on Wednesday, removing the last stumbling block on the way to a coalition agreement.