Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined thousands of people on Facebook in posting look-alikes of themselves Monday, choosing an actor from a popular sketch comedy program who parodies the prime minister.

Doppelganger Week, an annual Facebook tradition, sees users of the popular social media site choose a famous celebrity whom they believe looks like them.

But the prime minister, or more likely somebody in his office, turned the meme on its head, instead posting a picture of Mariano Idelman, a popular actor who dresses as Netanyahu on the Eretz Nehederet sketch comedy show.

Idelman has been with Eretz Nehederet since 2003, and plays a silver-haired Bibi (Netanyahu’s nickname) nearly every week on the politically tinged show.

The profile picture change garnered Netanyahu some 13,000 “likes” by 11 p.m. and over 800 comments.