Right-wing MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union) plans to host 100 African migrants at the Knesset, Walla News reported Monday.

Ben Ari wrote a letter to the Knesset director-general, announcing his intention to invite them to the legislature sometime in the next three weeks.

The move, which comes days after a large anti-migrant protest in Tel Aviv turned violent, aims to expose MKs to the realities of life in the city’s southern neighborhoods, which according to Ben Ari, “have been invaded by illegal infiltrators.”

“As a gesture of solidarity with the residents, I have decided to invite 100 of the infiltrators for a full day at the Knesset. They will dine at the MKs’ cafeteria, attend committee meetings, watch plenum discussions from the VIP gallery and wander the hallways of Israel’s top democratic institution,” said Ben Ari.

Ben Ari, who is known for his far-right views and was one of the organizers of Wednesday’s anti-migrant protest, said he wants to test his fellow MKs’ pluralistic credentials by giving them a chance to meet the migrants face to face. He said he was curious to see if the MKs who supported allowing the migrants to stay in the country, would be willing to take some of them home with them or whether they believe that compassion and human rights can only come at the expense of the residents of southern Tel Aviv.

Last year Ben Ari caused a stir when he invited 40 African migrants to swim at the Gordon pool in Tel Aviv, supposedly to expose the hypocrisy of the affluent neighborhood’s residents when faced with sharing their space with the migrants.