An oddly shaped gold object found in an old Jerusalem cemetery, which so confounded the Israeli Antiquities Authority that it appealed to the Israeli public Tuesday for help in identifying it, is actually a New Age-style “energy protection” device available for sale online from a company in Germany, The Times of Israel has ascertained.

In a post on its official Facebook page Tuesday morning, the IAA showed the 8.5-kilogram item in question in the declared hope that crowdsourcing would aid archaeologists in solving the riddle.

What was currently known, aside from the weight of the gold-plated “mysterious object,” object, the baffled IAA said, was that it was found in a building in an unspecified Jerusalem cemetery.

It said it was not clear whether the object was historical or modern.

Weber's Isis Beamer, on beech wood mount (Courtesy)

Weber’s Isis Beamer, on beech wood mount (Courtesy)

“This looks like it was made by a CNC machine,” one Facebook user posted, referring to a type of computer operated mill. The Antiquities Authority confirmed that “this may certainly be a modern object.”

In fact, the “mysterious object” is what is known as a “gilded Isis Beamer.”

It is one of a range of “energetic protection” devices designed to ensure energy harmony in “your home, [at] your PC workstation and when travelling.”

It is sold online by a German firm called Weber, which offers a range of bio-energy systems and technologies.

החפץ המסתורי הזה נחשף במבנה עתיק בבית קברות ירושלמי והתגלגל לפיתחנו, אלא שאנחנו לא מכירים פריט כזה – עתיק או מודרני. לאו…

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This particular device can be purchased in various sizes and settings — to be worn as a pendant for personal use, or mounted on a beech wood stand. Made of gold-plated brass, it ranges in price from €67.50 for the smaller, personal models, to a whopping €1,003.50 for use in “larger buildings exposed to a high dose of radiation.”

Ideal for “industrial halls, administration buildings, schools, furniture stores etc,” say the manufacturers, this top-of-the-range model “may harmonize even extremely strong geopathic and electromagnetic radiation fields.”

It’s unclear exactly what function the item was performing in the Jerusalem cemetery that had been its home.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.