The land of milk and zombies
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The land of milk and zombies

IDF soldiers will take on undead swarms with Brad Pitt in 'World War Z,' based on the bestselling book by Max Brooks

Brad Pitt running with 'IDF soldiers' in a preview clip from the film World War Z (Screenshot: YouTube/ ET)
Brad Pitt running with 'IDF soldiers' in a preview clip from the film World War Z (Screenshot: YouTube/ ET)

Warning: WWZ spoilers ahead.

When the zombie apocalypse overruns the world — and make no mistake about it, it will — security-minded Israel will be first among the nations to impose a quarantine. At least, so goes the story in The New York Times bestselling “World War Z,” by Matt Brooks, the son of legendary comedian Mel Brooks.

In a recently released sneak preview from a film based on the book that features Brad Pitt in the main role, eager audiences can feast on footage of what appear to be IDF infantry troops fighting off swarms of ravenous undead alongside Pitt.

The clip, which went live on Entertainment Tonight’s website on Monday, features a number of scenes portraying troops trying to fight off zombie swarms and protecting Pitt, who plays UN worker Gerry Lane.

Although the novel is set in various locations all over the world, Israel is significant in the story because it takes early action to protect its citizens against the fast-approaching global zombie threat. The measures taken by the Israeli government in the novel include a self-imposed national quarantine, the training of dogs to sniff out infected persons, and a state of emergency that allows for all Jews and Palestinians from around the world to seek refuge in the country.

The inclusion of Palestinians causes such political upheaval in the Jewish state as to precipitate civil war.

Scenes taking place in Israel were shot in Malta and include mock Israeli checkpoints and actors playing IDF soldiers and zombies. The full trailer is to be released Thursday by ET.

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