A new video released on the Internet shows IDF soldiers struggling to hold their position against a group of rock-throwing Palestinians, underscoring the difficulties Israeli forces face in trying to control violent crowds in the West Bank.

The Friday incident happened a day after a group of soldiers were forced to retreat after trying to arrest a Palestinian policemen in Hebron, and facing off against an unruly mob.

The new footage shows a group of soldiers attempting to disperse a riot in the town of Kafr Qadum, west of Nablus.

In the video, a force of seven soldiers attempt to rush a crowd of dozens of rioting Palestinians, but their charge comes to a grinding halt under a barrage of rocks and stones. The soldiers are forced to retreat as the Palestinians give chase, pelting them as they make their escape.

Three soldiers were injured in the incident; one of them suffered a broken hand. After a prolonged confrontation, IDF forces were eventually able to disperse the crowds using riot-control equipment.

The video highlights the difficulties that soldiers often face in performing their duties, while also obeying strict rules of engagement that limit the use of lethal force. All the soldiers in the video, filmed from more than one angle, were armed with rifles, but none of them opened fire.

The IDF responded to the video by saying it will investigate the incident and draw appropriate conclusions.

On Thursday, a group of IDF soldiers on patrol in Hebron clashed with some 250 Palestinians after trying to arrest a Palestinian policeman in Hebron.

One soldier was punched in the face by a Palestinian policeman in the divided city. Over 20 Palestinians were injured in the clashes after soldiers opened fire with rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.