Tens of thousands of Ultra-Orthodox men and women from Israel and abroad participated in one of the largest weddings the city has seen in modern times Tuesday night, as the grandson of rabbi of the Belz Hassidic dynasty tied the knot with Hana Batya Pener, a daughter of one of the community members.

Rabbi Shalom Rokach, 18, is the eldest grandson of the Belz Rabbi and is expected to run for leadership of the sect in the future.

Members of various Hassidic sects, the national-religious world and Sephardi Judaism also attended the wedding.

The leader of the Gur Hassidic sect, the biggest in Israel, and the Lithuanian Ultra-Orthodox community each received a special welcome from the Belz Rabbi, as did Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

The wedding of Rokach’s parents in 1993 was the largest in the city’s modern history, drawing 30,000 people, who gobbled down 3.1 tons of potatoes, 1.5 tons of gefilte fish and 39,000 gallons of pop in celebration.

Belz Hassidism, which was nearly wiped out in the Holocaust, is named for the Western Ukrainian town of Belz, near the Polish border.