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British Islamic State recruit complains of rude comrades

Europeans should join non-Arab units to avoid jihadis who invade personal space and steal, Omar Hussain writes

British Islamic State recruit Omar Hussain in a video released by the jihadist group (screen capture via YouTube)
British Islamic State recruit Omar Hussain in a video released by the jihadist group (screen capture via YouTube)

Although the Islamic State works to eradicate Western values, one jihadi recruit has complained that his Arab comrades lack British genteel manners, griping of their rude and unrefined ways.

The British former supermarket security guard wrote that his fellow jihadis do not understand the concept of personal space, steal his shoes and are noisy when he wants to sleep. They are also bad drivers, stare at people, and do not know how to stand in line properly, Omar Hussain said, according to a report Tuesday in the Telegraph.

The 27-year-old, who hails from High Wycombe, an hour’s drive from London, took it upon himself to educate other Islamic State members about proper manners. He would, for example, wait to serve food until “every single one of them was sitting down in their seat. Unfortunately I had to treat them like primary school students.”

In his blog, which he writes under the name Abu Saeed al Britani (The Britishman), Hussain exhorted potential Islamic State recruits to be aware of the culture clash between Western and Middle Eastern values.

“Arabs as a whole have a unique culture, which differs dramatically from the western lifestyle,” Hussain wrote. “The difference between an Arab and a non-Arab in their manners in like the difference between the heavens and the earth.”

European recruits should consider, Hussain advised, joining battalions with fellow Westerners. “I would strongly advise my Western brothers to join a non-Arab battalion if the above traits are something one cannot live with,” he wrote.

Hussain has previously grumbled about being forced to peel potatoes without a peeler, having difficulties doing laundry and not managing to find a wife, the Telegraph reported.

Hussain is not the only British jihadi recruit who objected to the living conditions in Syria. Imran Khawaja, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison by Britain earlier this year, carped to his friends about being unable to obtain lotion or soft toiler paper during his involvement with an Islamic State-affiliated group.

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