Housing Snapshot: 10 apartments and houses recently sold across Israel

Our regular behind-the-scenes look at properties purchased nationwide

A bird's eye view of the desert city of Arad, May 2020. (Photo by Semion Lugo on Unsplash)
A bird's eye view of the desert city of Arad, May 2020. (Photo by Semion Lugo on Unsplash)

Here’s our regular roundup of homes recently bought and sold to keep you in touch with the realities of Israel’s housing market. The information in this article was gathered through the Israel Tax Authority’s real estate research database, which shows the final prices paid for properties.

The latest available figures show that housing prices have risen by 15.9% over the last year (April/May 2022 compared to April/May 2021), but new property is attracting a premium and is estimated to be up around 22%, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

1. In Bat Yam on Hakomemiyut Street, in the center of town, a five-room apartment was pre-sold at the end of June for NIS 3,850,000 ($1,107,148). Scheduled for completion in 2025, the apartment will measure 131 square meters and is on the 23rd floor of a 33-story tower. When complete, there will be 151 apartments in the building with no reserved parking spaces.

2. In Jerusalem, on Louis Lipski Street in the Ramot Alon neighborhood, an apartment built in 1970 sold in mid-June for NIS 1,202,148 ($345,703).  The apartment has four rooms and covers 103 square meters on the third floor of a four-story building with 24 apartments in total. There is no pre-allocated parking.

3. In the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba in a central location, a five-room apartment sold in the first half of July for NIS 970,000 ($279,217). The apartment measures 122 square meters and was built in 1970. It is on the first floor of four, in a building containing 32 apartments. There is an elevator but no reserved parking.

4. In Rehovot, on Moshe Forer Street, at the edge of town, a four-room apartment sold in late June for NIS 2,290,000 ($674,124). It measures 98 square meters, in a building that dates from 1998. The apartment is on the fourth floor of 11, in a building of 42 apartments in total.  It has no reserved parking.

5. In Safed on Hagolan street in the Neve Oranim neighborhood, a four-room apartment sold in early July for NIS 1,250,000 ($359,815). The building dates from 2006 and the apartment measures 124 square meters. As a ground-floor apartment, it also benefits from a garden measuring one hundred square meters. There are 14 apartments altogether in the two-story building, with no reserved parking.

6. In Even Yehuda, near Netanya, on Ofrit Street close to Route 4, a 146-square-meter apartment sold in late June for NIS 2,850,000 ($822,748). Built in 2010, the apartment consists of five rooms on the ground floor of a two-story building with just four apartments total. It includes one reserved parking space and 16 square meters of roof space.

7. In Hadera on Menachem Begin Boulevard, close to Olga Beach, a four-room apartment was bought for NIS 2,415,000 ($694,483) in late June.  It measures 105 square meters in a building completed in 2017. The apartment is one of 27 in the building and is located on the fifth floor of nine.  It comes with a reserved parking space.

8. In Netiv Hagefen, a picturesque part of the southern town of Arad close to the Israel Trail, an apartment in a 1970 building sold at the end of June for NIS 760,000 ($220,289). It measures 78 square meters divided into four rooms located on the sixth floor of seven, with 28 apartments in the building. There is an elevator but no reserved parking.

9. On the eastern side of Afula on Sderot Rova Yizrael, a four-room apartment sold in mid-June for NIS 1,330,000 ($385,507). It measures 143 square meters in a building dating from 2017. It is on the third of nine floors with 18 apartments in the building, and comes with two reserved parking spaces and an elevator.

10. In Ra’anana in central Israel on Moshe Vilinski Street in the Neve Zemer district, a six-room apartment sold for NIS 5,985,850 ($1,721,355) in late June. The building is brand new, and the penthouse apartment covers 202 square meters.  The unit is on the top floor of six with fifteen apartments in the building. There are no reserved parking spaces.

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