IDF video shows thwarting of Hamas infiltrators

WATCH: Footage records gunmen arriving by sea en route to Zikim, being faced down by troops

Mitch Ginsburg is the former Times of Israel military correspondent.

In startlingly vivid footage from a border surveillance camera, reportedly watched by a female conscripted soldier, viewers can see what she saw in real time: the advance of a team of Hamas operatives from the sea toward either the navy base or the community of Zikim.

The video, released by the IDF soon after the incident on Tuesday evening, shows a pair of Hamas gunmen firing their weapons, probably at the Israeli army infantry forces that first engaged them — the soldier on the right can be seen unjamming his weapon — and then running for their lives as an air force helicopter fires upon them.

Five Hamas men, reportedly naval commandos, were killed in the aborted infiltration attempt.

According to Channel 2, the conscripted soldier spotted the infiltration and alerted the forces and directed them to the area.

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