In message to Iranians, Bennett says Israel hopes they get rid of ‘cruel regime’

On Persian new year, PM lauds both peoples’ ‘vibrant histories and cultures’; IDF posts tweet telling Tehran ‘missiles will not fix acute water shortage’

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Sunday released a video statement congratulating Iranians on Nowruz, the Persian new year, and wishing them freedom from their “cruel and brutal regime.”

“I wish you a happy new year – a year of health, prosperity and peace. Nowruz literally means ‘new day.’ And that’s my greatest wish to you, the Iranian people: That you will see a new day – a day of freedom from the cruel Iranian regime,” he said in English.

“A new day where you can drink clean water, speak freely, and live your lives with dignity.”

The premier said Israelis and Iranians have much in common, such as their “ancient histories and rich cultures,” and also face a “common threat.”

“The brutal and oppressive Iranian regime, whether the IRGC – the world’s single largest terrorist organization — its proxies, or the ­Basij,” he said, referring to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and associated groups.

“We know that the Iranian regime does not represent you and they continue to deny you the freedom that you deserve. We hope you rid yourselves of this cruel and ruthless regime and reach true freedom,” Bennett continued.

“May we see a ‘new day,’ where we defeat the forces of darkness with the strength of our friendship and our pursuit of freedom. I hope this new year will free the Iranian people from the shackles of oppression of the Iranian regime.”

Bennett’s address followed a similar one posted earlier Sunday by the Israeli military spokesperson wishing Iranians a happy Nowruz, in a tweet on the Israel Defense Forces Persian-language Twitter account.

“Happy Nowruz! I hope this blessing will reach every Iranian whether he is young or old, religious or secular, male or female, and whether he lives in Iran or has left it involuntarily,” Ran Kochav said.

“There is much in common between our peoples and nations. Unfortunately, the Iranian regime is hiding this from you,” the post read.

“I wish the Iranian people a new spring of hope and respect. Missiles and drones will not fix the country’s acute water crisis, just like enriched uranium will not be able to feed any hungry child in Iran,” he added.

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