1973 war veterans against overhaul greet travelers at Ben Gurion Airport, are cleared from arrivals hall

Dozens of veterans of the 1973 Yom Kippur War are removed from Ben Gurion Airport, having entered the arrivals hall to greet travelers with balloons and Israeli flags.

“We decided that we would come this morning to greet those entering the State of Israel. We came with flowers, with balloons of the Israeli flag and hearts and we sang not once, but several times the [national anthem] ‘Hatikva’ and we greeted all the passengers,” Eyal Yaffe who fought in the Armored Corps at the Suez Canal, tells the Walla news site.

“We very much hope, and together we will fight for it, that there will be only democracy here and we very much hope that there will not be a dictatorship here. This morning [the country] dipped a toe into dictatorship,” he says.

The veterans are joined by protesters from the women’s protest group Building an Alternative.

A large protest is set to be held at the airport later in the afternoon.

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