After outcry, Shas MK says his remark about High Court was ‘misunderstood’

Shas MK Avraham Bezalel says his remark earlier today — asserting that High Court justices would be “shooting themselves in the head” if they disqualify party leader Aryeh Deri from serving as a minister — was “misunderstood,” after his words drew widespread condemnation.

“The words said in the interview with the Knesset Channel were misunderstood and I regret that,” he says in a statement.

“As someone to whom public trust in the justice system is important, I meant to say that if the High Court decision nullifies the pick of more than 400,000 citizens, it would significantly harm public trust in the court.”

Bezalel does not elaborate on what exactly in his original remark was misunderstood.

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