‘An affront to diplomatic norms’: US slams Houthis’ arrests of US, UN officials

The US State Department “strongly condemns” the Houthis’ recent arrests of UN officials, diplomats and aid personnel in Yemen, which the rebels have claimed was a crackdown on an alleged Israeli-American spy cell.

“We also strongly condemn the Houthis’ efforts to spread disinformation regarding the role of detained current and former US mission local staff through televised forced and fake ‘confessions,'” says a statement by department spokesperson Matthew Miller. “Yet again the Houthis are seeking to use disinformation to shift blame to the United States and other outside actors for their own failures.

“These Houthi actions reflect a blatant disregard for the dignity of the Yemeni people and individuals who – contrary to the Houthis’ lies – have dedicated themselves to their country’s betterment. Their detention, and that of the UN staff, is an affront to diplomatic norms, and they should be released immediately. We will not rest until they are,” the statement adds.

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