Bennett: I need a lot more political power

And we’re back. And the debate moves to a phase where the party leaders ask each other questions directly.

Moshe Kahlon asks Naftali Bennett why Yair Lapid is “off limits.” Bennett lists his goals and says he needs “a lot of political power” to attain these goals — including reviving the economy and advancing his diplomatic policies.

Bennett asks Kahlon whether he is willing to give up territory, or whether he’s a “real Likudnik” — a quote he attributes to Kahlon.

Kahlon accuses Bennett of putting words in his mouth. “There’s a limit to how inaccurate you can get,” he protests to Yonit Levy, the moderator. “I am a man of the national camp, but I also believe we need an arrangement [i.e. peace deal]. At the moment, there is no partner, so we concentrate on the cost of housing.”

Kahlon comes over as very sweet, but not terribly firm. Bennett, who is increasingly dominating this event, is emerging as well-prepared, firm, prepared to out-shout everybody else, and not terribly sweet.

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