Demonstrators showing solidarity with Gaza hostages barred from International Women’s Day rally in Oslo

The organizers of the International Women’s Day March in Oslo prevented marchers from expressing support for hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza despite having been given their prior permission, Norwegian media reports.

Among the 6,000 marchers were demonstrators holding signs saying “Me too — unless you’re a Jew,” among other slogans highlighting victims of October 7 and hostages who have undergone sexual abuse at the hands of terrorists, the state-owned Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation says.

A group of demonstrators were prevented from boarding trains, the report says, and eventually, the event committee ruled that they could not participate in the march.

A video posted on social media by the Defend Israel Democracy group shows other marchers forming a human chain to prevent demonstrators carrying posters showing hostages from joining the main march.

Women who spoke to the broadcaster say that they received prior permission from the organizers to participate.

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